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Learn copywriting from proven salesletter examples ...

the Ultimate Collection of Winning Ads and Salesletters by Michael Kimble

Take from some of the top copywriters for your own salesletters and website copy to boost your response and sales rates ...

Michael Kimble, an information marketing powerhouse, put together a manual containing most of the best pulling letters, reports, postcards, and display ads that he has ever written, AND - he has got permission to include sales letters by Gary Halbert, Brian Voiles, and more ... and, it includes Gary Halberts' original "Coat of Arms" letter - which is THE highest money making direct mail piece in history! This letter alone is worth THOUSANDS.

Now you can have top salesletters by your side as models for the letters and sales-copy that you want to write. Save hours on your copywriting and incorporate the tactics and strageies of top professional copywriters.

Any business, any marketing project, large or small will benefit from owning this copywriting reference manual, being able to pick and choose and adapt them to suit any product/service.

Copywriting Resource ... A few well chosen words and phrases can dramatically improve your sales copy response rates.

Here are just some of the proven salesletters that you can have access to, and be able to 'borrow' from, for your own copywriting:

  • The Million Dollar Bill Sales Letter Sales letter for "Instant Publisher Business-In-A-Box"

  • "This New Business-In-A-Box Can Earn You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars" Sales letter for "Direct Mail Bootcamp Business-In-A-Box".

  • Hot, Qualified Leads That Will Blow The Lid Off Your Sales And Profits! Sales letter for "New Business Power Marketing" reprint rights.

  • "Here's The Quickest & Easiest Way For You To Succeed In Mail Order" Sales letter for "Mail Order Business-In-A-Box".

  • "How To Avoid The Pain & Discomfort Of Product Development" Sales letter for "OBE Reprint Rights Package".

  • "How To Cash-In on the Booming Demand For CD-ROMs" Sales letter for "Business 6-Pack" CD-ROM reprint rights.

  • "Here's A Rare Opportunity For You To Own & Cash-In On Group M's Million Dollar, 'Hyper-Responsive' Mailing List Of HOT Proven Buyers!" Sales letter for "Group M's Mailing List".

  • "Double Your Direct Marketing Profits -- 100% Guaranteed!" Lead-generating postcard for "Maximum Profit Direct Marketing".

  • How To Win Tons Of New Customers, Get Them To Buy More Often, Increase The Dollar Amount Of Every Sale, And Double Your Profits In Record Time! Sales letter for "Maximum Profit Direct Marketing" course.

  • "How To Master The Art-And-Science Of Writing Ads & Sales Letters That Work!" Sales letter for "Advertising Magic" course.

  • "How To Increase Your Sales & Profits With Direct Mail" Lead-generating postcard for "Direct Mail Bootcamp".

  • "I Was Held Hostage For 4 Days By The Sharpest Minds In Direct Mail" Sales letter for "Direct Mail Bootcamp" course.

  • How To Make A Fortune Selling "How-To" Information By Mail . . . Sales letter for "Instant Publisher CD".

  • 750 How-To Books, Reports and Manuals You Can Reprint And Sell ... All On A Single CD-ROM!!! Press release for "Instant Publisher CD".

  • How You Can Create A Hot Selling Information Product On Any Subject Almost Instantly...In Just 2 to 4 Hours! Sales letter for "How To Create Your Own Information Products”.

  • How To Turn All Your Ads And Sales Letters Into Powerful Cash Generators - GUARANTEED Sales letter for "Direct Marketing Hotseat".

  • How To Obtain Premiums, Giveaways & Promotional Merchandise At Discounts So Huge & Prices So Cheap You'll Feel Like You're Stealing! Sales letter for "Promotional Merchandise & Close-Outs" manual.

  • "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques, & Secrets" Sales letter for "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" book.

  • Gary Halbert's famous "Coat of Arms" sales letter.

  • Internet Profits: Build your business on the Internet! Lead-generating ad for "Web Sites".

  • "How To Get Your Very Own Web Site On The Internet (Professionally Designed And Everything) For Less Than $2 A Day" Sales letter for "Web Sites".

  • "Here's How You Can Promote Virtually Any Business, Product, Or Service On The Internet!" Sales letter for "Online Marketing Power Pack" course.

  • "For People Who Want To Make Serious Money While Spending Little To NO MONEY Of Their Own... Sales letter for "How to Get One Million Dollars Worth of FREE ADVERTISING".

  • "Amazing Secret Electronic Money-Making Goldmine Revealed!" Sales Letter for "How To Get Rich With Buy-Low/Sell-High Internet Auctions...".

  • “Don't risk another dime on ineffective marketing.” “How To Write Million Dollar Ads,Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces".

  • Question: What's The Key Secret To Increasing Your Sales & Profits By As Much as 917%? Sales letter for "Maximum Profit Copywriting Clinic".

  • QUESTION: Where Do Direct Marketing Geniuses Gary Halbert, Dr. Gary North, and Phil Kratzer Go When The Want To Super-Charge Their Marketing? Sales letter for "Direct Marketing Power Summit" course.

  • "How To Find Mailing Lists That Can Make You Rich" Sales letter for "How To Find Hot Mailing Lists" videos and audio's.

  • "Increase Your Income By $100,000 With This Direct Marketing Newsletter" Postcard and display ad for "Direct Marketing Strategies Newsletter".

A few well chosen words and phrases can dramatically improve your sales copy response rates. And for just £2.00 you can steal off the skills of successful copywriters and have a valuable resource at your hands for years to come.

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