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Designing Choice Ltd

Earning online, living off-line since 1999.

Back in 1999, I needed a career change. Working up 72 hours a week and wanting to start a family, I knew I had to change career.

I taught myself how to design websites and how to promote them, and started out building some affiliate websites which did very well.

Google changed their algorithms, I changed my SEO strategies, and over the years managed to stay on top.

During the last 20 years, I offered to design websites for others, carried on with my affiliate sites, and used my skills to become a marketing agent for some UK specialist manufacturers.

In late 2019 I decided to cut back, and just focus on some information sites, some affiliate sites, some social media promotion for a couple of companies, and enjoy more time with some of my first loves, letterpress printing and printmaking.

Streamlining has meant focusing down on several of my sites, and this one is going to be the home for my online services, and articles and information that used to be on some other of my sites.

I'll be regularly updating this site with info and news on working from home, earning online to live off-line.



PS. I really enjoy buying and selling stuff, so have set up a small Etsy shop. Not going to make me a millionaire but I find it fun. The MakerMaking ETSY shop, where over time you will find vintage French prints, vintage French keyrings, vintage tools, vintage household items and letterpress items. Plus, if you are a printmaker you'll like these Print Ball Drying Racks.